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I am a web developer and a UI/UX enthusiast. I like to design and develop websites for human beings to make their life easier.

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A Web Dev and UI/UX Designer

Here are few technologies and tools I have worked with.

Hey psst! Wanna know which tools do I use?

Phi a CSS Framework
Text Clock
Movie DB
Weather App

I've been working in the web development field since the last year of my graduation. So far, I've worked on many small-scale as well as large-scale applications. I created these applications using web technologies like HTML, CSS, JS/ES6, React, Laravel (PHP framework).

Click on the link below to see more details about the projects I have worked on.

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Wanna know more about me?

Let’s connect! I’m available for one on one mentoring. I can also help you with designing and developing the website of yours.

Feel free to drop a mail at prathameshkoshti@gmail.com.

Also, have a look at my résumé.